WHAT THIS WEBSITE OFFERS: allows you to protect all your digital documents and PDF files to prevent anyone from having free access to your Ebooks, your private photographs, or your important documents such as inheritance testament, Property Deeds, Confidential Letters, Contracts, Documents of Identification scans, Financial Statements, Bank Accounts, Passwords, etc. and thus prevent anyone from viewing or stealing your PDF files or using them without your authorization, because in order to open your PDF files they would have to enter the Password defined by you.

This site is ideal for Entrepreneurs, managers, lawyers, auditors, secretaries, accountants, bloggers, editors, Ebook sellers and for anyone who needs to send or share documents with a password securely by Email, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.


Nowadays creating a PDF file containing several photos or important documents is very easy, which can be done in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint, Photoshop, or even using editors like Open Office, just by editing or writing your documents or just scan your photos and then when you select the option to print, you just have to select the option "Print as PDF" or "Print as PDF document".

If you want to send a private message (with password) to a friend or acquaintance right now, you can create a text message and convert it to PDF, at this LINK and after downloading your PDF, you can protect it with Password here, in the form below.

If you want to convert your photos or existing Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents to password-protected PDF documents, via our website, you can first convert your photos or documents to PDF format for free using this page:, then download your PDF file to your computer, and after that, return to our website to password protect your downloaded PDF file.


After having created or converted files to PDF format, the danger that many people fall victim to, is that anyone with access to their computer or online accounts could copy them, and share them freely (which today happens to millions of people, due to the high proliferation of hackers, phishing, viruses, Malware and Spyware existing on the Internet).

For the same reason, if you want to protect your important documents with Password, to prevent them from being seen by anyone, then we recommend you to convert your important documents to PDF and then use this website to password protect them to protect your photos, your legal docs, your scanned documents or your E-Books and prevent them from being seen by anyone.


Listed below are some examples in which this website can serve you:


If you want to email an important document to a friend or a group of friends or even send yourself an important document that contains sensitive information that Do NOT want it to be viewed by anyone, (for example, Financial Statements, Access Codes, Passports, Photos or Very Personal Documents, etc.), If that is your case, then it is definitely best that you first generate a PDF with those documents and then password protect that PDF file through this website, because nowadays any hacker or malicious person could intercept or have access to the documents that are sent by Email, for the same reason this website is a valuable tool that you should take into account, every time you decide to share or send an important document that could become a problem if it falls into the wrong hands.


If you would like to write and sell Ebooks or a Photo Album over the internet, then on our website you could easily set a unique and different password for each of your customers who buy your Ebook and thus prevent your such valuable work from being plagiarized or freely shared via email or prevented from being maliciously placed on any freeware download site, which would greatly destroy all the work you have done; For example, if you are the author of an Ebook that has taken you several days to write and then you decide to sell it online to any buyer, then you could put a different password for each PDF sold, which you could later send by email to your buyer, putting as a password to your PDF: the buyer's email address or any other personal data such as the buyer's phone or card number and in this way you would be making sure that your Ebook would not be easily shared or redistributed by your buyers, for this reason our page is an excellent tool that you can use, as many times as you want, to generate a different password for each PDF that you decide to sell and thus maintain, in a safe way, greater control over the sale and distribution of your Ebooks or PDF Documents.


With our PDF File protection service, offered below, you will be able to immediately put a Password to any PDF file that you enter in the form below, in which you must fill in the following 3 fields:

Field 1. The original PDF File, which you want to protect with a password (must be a file with a .pdf extension, no larger than 20Mb and must NOT be password protected).

Field 2. The Password that you would like to set to the new PDF file that will be generated by this website.

Field 3. The WEBpassword needed to use this service. (You can try this service completely free, by entering the WEBpassword: test, and later if you wish, you could buy a WEBpassword below, for one time usage, or for one-month period, or one-year period)


FIELD 1) Enter the PDF File you want to password protect:
(The file must have the extension .pdf, it must NOT have a password, and weight no more than 20Mb)

FIELD 2) Enter the Password you want for your protected PDF File:
(Enter 8 to 30 characters with letters and numbers without spaces, Make sure to enter a password, that you could never forget, because we could NOT help you find out the password of any Encrypted PDF file, in case you forgot your Password.)

FIELD 3) Enter the WEBpassword needed to use this service:

If you still do not have a valid WEBpassword, you can enter as WEBpassword, the word: test or you can buy a WEBpassword according to the indications shown below.

IMPORTANT: if you then enter the WEBpassword "test" your PDF document will not be protected with the password entered above in point 2, if you use WEBpassowrd test, then the password to open your PDF document will be: 123456
(The most used password in the world)

Once Again: if you don't have a WEBpassword and you want to try this service for free, to protect a PDF file, you can enter above, where it says WEBpassword, the word: test , and later if you wish, You could buy a WEBpassword below for one time usage, or for one-month period or for one-year period, for unlimited PDF files.

Disclaimer: Our Free service and our Paid service, is 100% safe and guaranteed, which does not allow or offer to decrypt the passwords of the PDF documents protected by our system, nor are your PDF files shared or stored without passwords, which they are immediately encrypted; All these features make our website a completely safe and reliable site for our users, compared to other "Free" but high risk solutions available on the internet, where your PDF files could be plagiarized, and could even include malware or malicious software when you download them.


If you want to Password protect all your PDF Files without any limitation related to the number of pages, without any reference to our website and with the password you want for your PDF document, you can buy a WEBpassword to protect your PDF file, which you will receive by email, in less than 24 hours, when paying through Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, or through an International Transfer or Deposit at Banco Industrial de Guatemala, with these indications:

We offer 3 types of WEBpasswords, the 3 types of WEBpasswords available are:

1. A Basic WEBpassword (one time usage), which will allow you to protect 1 PDF file, without any automatic or recurring charge. (ideal to put a password to only 1 PDF file, this WEBpassword can only be used once).

2. A WEBpassword Valid for 1 Month (unlimited usage), which will allow you to unlimitedly protect all the PDF files you want, for a month, without any automatic charge or recurring charge at the end of the month.

3. A WEBpassword Valid for 1 Year (unlimited usage), which will allow you to unlimitedly protect all the PDF files you want, for one year, without any automatic charge or recurring charge at the end of the month.

Any of these purchased WEBpasswords allow you to password protect your PDF files without any of the limitations generated by the trial WEBpassword.

If you want to buy any of these 3 types of WEBpasswords to protect your PDF files, the purchased WEBpassword will be sent to your email address in less than 24 hours after making your payment.

To buy a WEBpassword, first read the "EXPLANATORY NOTES" located at the bottom of this page and then click below on the type of WEBpassword you want to buy:

* The PDF Files, protected by any of these 3 types of WEBpasswords, do not expire, that means that the password that you define for each of your PDF files will remain like this forever in each of your protected PDF files, the only thing that expires is the WEBpassword to continue protecting more PDF files..


1. Each WEBpassword is only valid according to the type of WEBpassword purchased, the Basic WEBpassword is only good once and only serves to protect 1 PDF file, the monthly WEBpassword to protect an unlimited number of PDF files but only for one month and the annual WEBpassword, to protect unlimited number of PDF files for a whole year.
2. The purchase of your WEBpassword online is completely secure and without any automatic charge at the end of the month or at the end of the year, since only a single charge is made each time you purchase a WEBpassword. (The WEBpassword will be sent to your email in less than 24 hours, after paying through Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, or through an International Transfer or Deposit at Banco Industrial de Guatemala.
3. After buying your WEBpassword, you will receive it by email in the course of the next 24 hours, with the subject "WEBpassword Comprado", if you do not see this email in yout inbox after 24 hours, then please check your SPAM tray.
4. Your purchase is 100% secure, however the refund of payments made is NOT offered, for the same reason, before buying your WEBpassword, we recommend doing a free test with the Trial WEBpassword described above (Note, if you enter the trial WEBpassword your document PDF will be protected with the password: 123456)
5. The protection of PDF files on our website uses a very complex algorithm that makes the protected PDF file extremely difficult to decrypt, preventing your PDF file from being opened by anyone who does not have the password defined by you (for the same reason We do NOT offer to decrypt or remove password to password protected PDF documents), however for security, the password that you define for your PDF files is recommended to be between 8 and 30 characters, containing letters and numbers without spaces, it can also include these 4 signs for Emails: - _ @ . For this reason, we do not guarantee 100% that all PDF files protected on this site cannot be decrypted due to the entry of a weak password that can be deciphered by reverse engineering (to prevent a password from being cracked by a robot, it is best to define a password that is at least 15 characters long with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and periods).
6. Prices shown on this website do not inlclude tax, for any country.
7. The protection of PDF files must be applied to simple format PDF files with the dimensions for each sheet in word format (8x11 inches), and that do not contain references to external files or very large images or very heavy PDFs, otherwise protection of PDF files may not work, so we do not guarantee the protection of PDF files that do not adhere to these recommendations.

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